Who is this soul?



My name is Darryl Ford. I am the pastor/planter of Ikon Community Church in Atlanta. I am a husband of Patricia  and the father of 2 adorable little girls named Paige and Audrey as well as a little guy – Sebastian.

I’m just a guy  overwhelmed daily by my sin nature, and even more overwhelmed by the depths of God’s grace through the atoning work done through the death and resurrection of his son – Jesus Christ. All of life is spiritual hence the title of the blog. I’m hoping this blog helps in getting on mission with God. We are souls with bodies desperately in need of the Gospel. It’s the only thing that matters.


2 thoughts on “Who is this soul?

  1. Hi Darryl…my name is mindy,i talk with you about my son in law who just started working at Fellowship Bible Church in Rosswell Ga. Joe and Barb Rice and their phone # 770-557-1164.They have 5 children 10-3 years old.Call them when you have a chance.
    I want to thank you and your bride for all the wonderful job in our church and senior class teacher.
    Best wishes in your new job as God leads you and may God continue to bless you and your family……mindy nelms

  2. Love your blog DFord! I love your writing style and content. I had to make myself stop reading your blog. Much to do in the cube. You know how it is. Keep sharing your musings. Great stuff.

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